Grammar Boot Camp

Grammar Boot Camp is designed to be a fun and engaging method for students to learn and review basic grammar vocabulary and principles. This camp is not designed to be primarily a "worksheets and assignments" academic camp, however, there will be some worksheets presented as one of many methods for students to internalize and apply their growing knowledge of grammar.

Anchorage, AK dates: 

  • June 13-16 for rising 5th-6th grader students (Roundabout Books) 9:30 AM- 2:30 PM
  • July 25-28 for rising 3rd-4th grade students (IDEA Offices, Anchorage) 10 AM- 3PM

Academic goals for rising 3rd/4th grade camp:

  • Identify and use nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions appropriately.
  • Identify and produce simple, compound, and complex structure sentences. 
  • Identify coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. 
  • Produce sentences using noun and verb modifiers.
  • Correct capitalization and punctuation as they apply to the above concepts.

Academic goals for rising 5th/6th grade camp:

  • Review of the above 3-4th grade skills
  • Identify and use personal pronouns in all their cases (subjective, objective, possessive, possessive pronoun adjective, and reflexive)
  • Produce Adverbial and Adjectival clauses
  • Introduce prepositions and prepositional phrases and interjections
  • Produce compound/complex sentence structures with modifiers. 
  • Correct capitalization and punctuation as they apply to the above concepts. 

Camp Details:

  • Students will bring a water bottle and a sack lunch to eat every day. No food will be provided. Please do not send peanut products in lunches.
  • $100 is due at the time of registration. The balance of $250 is due one week prior to the date your child's camp begins. I am a vendor for Family Partnership, Frontier, IDEA, and Cyberlynx. I am willing to direct bill for families who have a budget balance.
  • Please note that camps that are held at IDEA facilities will offer session preference to IDEA enrolled students until one week prior to the first date of that camp session. After that date, the session will be open to qualified campers.
  • Maximum student enrollment: 15; minimum 7.
  • Questions? Please contact me at

I am delighted that you are interested in Grammar Boot Camp! Does your child have a friend with whom they would enjoy sharing this experience? Please invite them to join us, too.