Designing Your Family's Education Vision

Monday, March 13, 2023 by Catherine Gilliland | Family Education Vision

As the season to plan for summer and the following academic year draws near, families who have a vision and plan in place enjoy the guidance these documents provide when making decisions about summer opportunities and registering for upcoming classes and activities. 

What is an education vision? An education vision encapsulates thoughts, concepts, and objects formed by the imagination pertaining to a child's development. Try asking yourself questions. What are the essential components of your child's education? While academics and the cultivation of a child's IQ are crucial hard skills, a child's true education is more holistic than traditional book learning. What education vision have you crafted for the young members of your family? Do you have a written itinerary for reaching that end? What are the benefits of a written, but fluid plan? What are the possibilities a parent could include? 

To protect the vision from becoming lost, and to create focus, it is always wise to develop a plan for manifesting the specific components of imagination deemed important for each child and for the family as a whole. 

Preparing a written (yet flexible) long-range plan that compliments your child's interests, natural skills, and personality aids you in keeping your vision on the targeted goals. 

Successful parenting isn't flying by the seat of your pants, and it's more than extinguishing the tyrannical "fires'' of daily life.  Designing your family's education vision enables you as a parent to keep sight of what is truly important, and experience peace and freedom to intentionally strive in that direction.